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About Integrative Rejuvenation

Integrative Rejuvenation is a wellness and aesthetic practice in Gilbert, Arizona. Ginni Orava, LA, and the team use the latest treatments with high-end technologies and award winning skincare so their patients get the best possible results with little to no downtime.

Integrative Rejuvenation wants patients to look their best so they feel comfortable in their own skin. The highly skilled and educated team offers an assortment of treatments to meet a wide range of beauty needs and wellness goals. 

They customize care, enhancing natural beauty from the inside out, offering medical weight loss services, noninvasive treatments for sexual heath, and nonsurgical body contouring. Integrative Rejuvenation also offers Botox® injections, the polydioxanone (PDO) thread lift, and skin rejuvenation treatments to restore a more youthful look.

The full-service wellness and aesthetic practice provides the highest level of care using the most advanced medical aesthetic treatments and tools available in a serene, spa-like environment. The team stops at nothing to deliver best-in-class care to every individual they treat.

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I had amazing results from my treatments with my Treatment , I had Skin resurfacing with hardly any downtime everyone the staff and NP were great very professional and it was a wonderful experience. I love my results I would highly recommend to anyone. This is amazing future technology and something you need to do you will definitely see results. The topical anesthesia they used was fabulous numbed my face and I didn’t feel hardly anything very little discomfort feels like you have a mild sun burn which was gone by the time I got ready for Bed. You can even do it on your lunch hour it's that fast. I noticed a lot of improvements after my 2nd treatment. This is a must for anyone.
My face looks UhMaZing! I haven’t had anyone comment on my face in years. I have had three people comment that did not know I was having the Opus done. WORTH IT!!! 
The Alma Opus treatment has done wonders for my skin! My textured, bumpy skin is now smooth and soft! I was pleasantly surprised with how easy, quick, and painless my session was. I’m loving these results! I can’t wait to see what other treatments Integrative Rejuvenation will offer! 
I received a facial from Sheldon, it was so calming and peaceful, my face looked more bright and healthy, I fully recommend getting one🤗. Integrative rejuvenation has many many wonderful treatments check them out!! Sheldon is the Sweetest‼️ 

Sheldon gave me a great facial. She was professional and on time. Its was super relaxing and calming. My skin felt baby smooth. I would like to do it every day!! 
 I have never tried laser treatment for my skin before. I went in a week ago and had the best in office experience. Sheldon and the rest of the team were amazing in telling me what to expect and making sure the procedure was nearly painless. I was red for a couple of days and once the dry skin started coming off I am amazed that in less than a week I am already seeing improvements in fine lines and skin texture on my face/neck/chest. I am also trying it on the 'twin skin' on my belly to see if after having twins 10 years ago it can finally tighten that loose skin up a bit more. Can't wait to have another treatment or two and see those results. I highly recommend this facility and staff for their services and products. 
I loved the opus, it was fast and the results are amazing! Sheldon was very sweet and professional!!